Similan National Park Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations of any Thai national park are always strictly enforced, but not necessarily that clear. The penalties can be quite harsh so you will need to know exactly what they are.

Below are the original English translations and our attempt to clarify them. Please do read the originals as some are quite entertaining. Our favorite is number 7.

Similan islands national park rules and regulations
#1Conduct themselves according to the rules of the park are strictly defined.Adhere to all rules of the National Park.
#2Care to maintain the natural beauty of the natural world.Help preserve the natural beauty.
#3Should respect the right of others to use natural areas together.Respect the rights of others in the National Park.
#4Do not make a loud noise that will disturb others or interfere with the well-being of animals which can disturb other people and wild animal.Keep noise to a minimum so as not to disturb other people or wild animals.
#5Hiking and nature study. Should follow a predetermined path. Should not be moved out of the path permanently. This may trample plants or small animals.Whilst hiking, please do not venture away from the path.
#6Keep or remove or take any action that would harm the environment of rocks, plants and wildlife in the park.Do not take any rocks, plants, corals, shells or anything else from the National park.
#7Prohibit pets into the park. Maybe because he is the disease spread in nature or otherwise it may be a disease of animals inside out.Pets are prohibited from the National Park as they may bring foreign diseases.
#8Do not ignite a fire and make a bon fire in the park because of the need to use wood in nature and causing pollution.Do not ignite a fire as use of the wood from the island is restricted.
#9Do not take anything that will cause garbage into National Park, eg. plastic bag, foam box, can and bottle, in case of take in.Do not leave any garbage. Dispose of it on the island or take it back to the mainland.