Schooling juvenile giant trevallies

Similan Diving Conditions 2018-19

The 2018 to 2019 Similan diving season has shown consistent productivity underwater and substantial coral recovery at most Similan dive sites. This is in keeping with what has been experienced over the last few seasons and encouraging for the future of the famous National Park.

There are several factors that could explain the continued improvement at the Similan Islands plus we now have better insight to factors determining coral recovery. Read more

Schooling Hammerheads Banda Sea Indonesia diving

Banda Sea: Off The Chart Expedition 2019

In between two of the world’s greatest dive destinations (Raja Ampat & Komodo) lies the Banda Sea. Within this vast sea lie the Banda Islands. And around these islands is a world of marine life, still relatively unknown to the worldwide diving community. Read more

Deep Andaman Queen at Black Rock Myanmar

March 2018 Myanmar Expedition

Following the success of our 2017 Manta Discovery expedition to Myanmar, we are heading back to the remotest areas of the Mergui Archipelago. We will return to the best dive sites we discovered in the northern areas of the archipelago and then take our expedition Off the Chart once more. This time we are heading way out West, to the famed Burma Banks, adding an extra 400km onto last years already epic odyssey.

Divers group photo from Misool, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Dive Log

This is my log book of our Raja Ampat dives whilst exploring the Misool area on our recent Off the Chart Expedition on the liveaboard MV Panunee. Our dive guide was Hangky who has worked with the MV Panunee for years, our dive group Lizzie, Roy, Caro, Peter, Boots and myself Ric. Read more

Diver and coral grouper at Anitas reef

Similan Diving Conditions 2017-18

An appraisal of diving conditions within the Similan Islands National Park in January 2018, nearing the halfway point of the 2017-2018 Similan diving season, based on observations and logged dives conducted from the Similan liveaboard MV Hallelujah. Read more

Boo Bommie

Science Doesn’t Take Holidays

When someone mentions a live-aboard dive trip with a group of like-minded and passionate divers to one of the most biodiverse marine hotspots on the planet, some would think that it couldn’t get much better. Well, it turns out that it can… Read more

Schooling mobula rays in Myanmar

2017 Manta Discovery Expedition

Our recent expedition to Myanmar was a combination of all the things I love about diving. Discovery, adventure, diving with manta rays, diving with great buddies and having a lot of fun on a Myanmar liveaboard in a far flung location. So far flung in fact that we actually fell off the sea chart for Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago. It was the realisation of a plan I had been hatching for a while now. It reminded me of my early days of diving in Myanmar and would result in something rather exciting for the future. Read more

Black Rock Dive Site in Myanmar Ray of hope

What lies above: Ray of Hope Myanmar 2017

This  expedition report is not really about scuba diving. There is, of course, plenty to say about the diving in Myanmar. The 3 days we spent at Black Rock and the 52 Giant Manta Rays we identified was the best diving experience of my life. The ‘Queens of Mantas’ herself had this to say about one particular dive:

“It was the best dive I have ever had in South East Asia”


Read more

Raja Ampat Off the Chart

Off the Chart Expedition to Raja Ampat 2017

For the first time we are taking our successful and highly popular “Off the Chart” Expedition on the road. What better place to venture to than Raja Ampat, known as the one of world’s most diverse and pristine diving destination? Read more

A new shark conservation initiative from Khao Lak

Khao Lak, Thailand sees the launch of a new campaign aimed at raising public awareness about sharks. The campaign named ‘Get Sharks Off the Hook’ focuses not only on the plight of shark populations, which are plummeting world wide, but their vital importance to a healthy ocean ecosystems and local Similan diving tourism. Read more