Black Rock Dive Site in Myanmar Ray of hope

What lies above: Ray of Hope Myanmar 2017

This  expedition report is not really about scuba diving. There is, of course, plenty to say about the diving in Myanmar. The 3 days we spent at Black Rock and the 52 Giant Manta Rays we identified was the best diving experience of my life. The ‘Queens of Mantas’ herself had this to say about one particular dive:

“It was the best dive I have ever had in South East Asia”


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Raja Ampat Off the Chart

Off the Chart Expedition to Raja Ampat 2017

For the first time we are taking our successful and highly popular “Off the Chart” Expedition on the road. What better place to venture to than Raja Ampat, known as the one of world’s most diverse and pristine diving destination? Read more

A new shark conservation initiative from Khao Lak

Khao Lak, Thailand sees the launch of a new campaign aimed at raising public awareness about sharks. The campaign named ‘Get Sharks Off the Hook’ focuses not only on the plight of shark populations, which are plummeting world wide, but their vital importance to a healthy ocean ecosystems and local Similan diving tourism. Read more

Why so many dead fish at Koh Tachai

Koh Tachai: Why so many dead fish?


At the end of the 2015/16 season, the Similan Islands national park announced that Koh Tachai was to be closed. We wrote about the details in a blog we named ‘Who Killed Koh Tachai?‘. This title was meant to be tongue in cheek, we didn’t expect it to become literally true. So where did all of these dead fish suddenly come from? Read more

Free Similan islands dive site guide

Similan Dive Site Guide

Free Similan islands dive site guide

Our new Similan Dive Site Guide features full colour maps and key facts about the dive sites you will likely visit on your Similan liveaboard trip. Read more

Fabrice Jaine taking an ID shot

Manta Ray Discovery Expedition

Last chance to join our exclusive ‘Off the Chart’ Manta discovery expedition to Myanmar. Once again expedition host Ric Parker will team up with leading Manta Ray scientists from the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Join us on a voyage to dive the more remote northern areas of Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago. As well as conducting on-going Manta Ray research, this discovery style Myanmar liveaboard will explore possible new Manta Ray aggregation sites and habitats based on information and data complied over the last six years working in the region.

Barracuda off koh Tachai beach before the closure in 2016

Who Killed Koh Tachai?

The photo above was taken in 2011. Our Similan liveaboard was moored up a few hundred metres from Koh Tachai beach. A tornado of barracuda were clearly visible from the boat so we just jumped in. That was 2011. By 2016 this area became a speedboat highway transporting over a thousand people a day. The recent closure of Koh Tachai in Thailand has resulted in an unexpected amount of international news coverage with speculation about what went wrong. Assumptions were made not only about who caused the damage, but more broadly about what the damage actually was. So who really killed Koh Tachai? Read more